Pilot Services

I will fly your Single Engine or Multi Engine Airplane for you at a daily rate plus expenses.

I assist you maintaining the required maintenance on your airplane by relocating it for maintenance as well as tracking your logbook status to maintain FAA and manufactures standards.

15 March 2008

Jimmy’s Pilot Service

Policies include but are not limited to the following:

Daily Pilot Service (Single Engine Rate):    $350.00 — $450.00 depending on type of service provided.  A duty day is 8 hours of flying time, total of 14 hours in each day to include all pre and post flight actions for the flight.  Pre flight actions usually start 1 ½ to 2 hours prior to the flight departure time.  Usually post flight activities will be completed within ½ hour of the termination of the flight activities.  Any time waiting is counted in the time for the day.  Flights canceled within 24 hours of dispatched date will incur daily service rate charge, however some exceptions may apply.

Payment:    All flights will be paid upon return to based airport.  In some cases payment will be due prior to departure from based airport.

Aircraft are to be properly maintained IAW current FAR’s and equipment is to be working properly.  All publications are to be up to date for departure as well as return.  If the aircraft is operated out of country the aircraft must also have a current customs sticker or proof of purchase as well as proper insurance.

Fuel/ other operating expenses:    All flights that require fueling away from based airport will be paid for by aircraft owner/ operator with credit card or cash prior to departure from based airport.

Meals:    $20.00.  Meals will be compensated prior to departure of flight.  Breakfast: 0700 Hrs., lunch: 1200 Hrs., or dinner: 1800 Hrs. at $25.00, whether eaten or not.  If meals are in such a location as to require a higher cost receipts will be presented for prompt reimbursement if over $20.00.  

Cleaning services are not included with pilot service; however cleaning service can be arranged.

The pilot will depart with the aircraft from based airport and return with aircraft to based airport unless weather or mechanical conditions require other actions.

Lodging arrangements will be made in event of an overnight stay whether planed or mechanical.

Return to based airport:    In the event that the aircraft is unable to be returned to the based airport the owner/ operator shall make prompt arrangements for pilot to return to based airport via airline or rental car if local.

The client, owner/ operator of the aircraft shall provide a contact person or persons that is / are able to make decisions about the operation of the aircraft or provide further information if required.

If aircraft is operated outside of the Domestic United States a phone will be provided for use on each flight so that calls to customs or other contact person/persons may be made when required.

Jimmy Wille

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