FAAST (FAA Safety Team)

All pilots holding a U.S. pilot certificate and a current medical certificate, when required, may participate in the WINGS Program and receive a flight review date extension upon completion of a Phase. (Note: you need a medical certificate for most aircraft if the CFI cannot act as PIC or is unwilling to act as PIC, during the flight portions of the WINGS Program.) Retired, foreign and student pilots can benefit from the safety training offered on FAASafety.gov and through the WINGS program.

WINGS is designed to help you build an educational curriculum to help you enjoy a safer and more stress-free flying experience. Pilots who complete a current Phase of WINGS do not need to accomplish the flight review requirements of 14 CFR part 61 if since the beginning of the 24th calendar month before the month in which that pilot acts as pilot in command, he or she has satisfactorily completed or currently holds a Phase of WINGS.

If you would like to arrange a WINGS presentation for you group please contact me. I have several topic areas that I am prepared to present. If you have an area of concern you would like a WINGS presentation to cover please let me know

You may also sign up at http://www.faasafety.gov to receive information about seminars in your area. You are also able to tailor training requests and requirements to gain and maintain the various WINGS levels.

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