Certified Flight Instructor

If you want to teach, this is the route for you. You must first complete you Commercial Pilot training and Check Ride. I strongly recommend that you begin your CFI training as soon as possible after your Commercial training as the skills and information will be fresh and used for this training. As a CFI you will be able to teach Private Pilot as well as Commercial Pilot applicants. You will also be permitted to conduct Flight Reviews for Certificated Pilots as  other CFI’s. After you have completed 200 hours of Flight Instruction given or 2 years as a Flight Instructor you will then be able to Instruct CFI applicants as well.

You will learn to fly the plane from the right seat during your CFI training. You will spend more time in the classroom learning how to make lesson plans and your training syllabus. Plan on about 20 - 30 hours in the plane learning to teach and recognize the common errors the students will make. You can also plan on abut 20 - 30 hours in the classroom environment learning how to present lessons. You may even present lessons to a student if schedules permit under guidance of your Instructo

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