Any information you share with me will not be sold or given to anyone, I do not like it and I am sure you do not either.

I do occasionally have a required inspection with Home Land Security. I will only share information as required with the officials if it is required for the security inspection they do to ensure only persons entitled to receive training are participating in my programs.

This site is for general information only. You should always consult the current FAA Regulations concerning Pilot Information and Operation Regulations. This site is not a substitute for proper training.

If you have questions about the information provided on this site please contact me and discuss them.

Late Fee

All Services will be billed upon completion and are due after completion of business. Clients may pay at the end of the week if multiple days of training or more than one day of Pilot Services will be completed. All bills not paid on day of service will be due within 7 days of invoice and will be sent by PDF by email. After 7 days a 5% late fee will be charged and an additional 5% each 30 days from date of invoice.

No Show/ Late cancellation

No Shows will be charged a minimum of two hours plus any travel time and expense involved. Late cancelation will be charged the same two hours if canceled before travel starts. If travel has started you will be charged for travel time and any expense.

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