From the time I could stand out on the flight line with my Dad and watch the jets come and go I knew I wanted to be a pilot. I realized that dream in 1997 when I earned my Private Pilot License at Western Oklahoma State College, using my G.I. Bill and V.A. benefits.

Instrument, Commercial, and Flight Instructor Licenses quickly followed. But it wasn’t until I made my way to Benton Airpark (1K1) that I realized what I wanted to do with that dream. At Benton Airpark I had the good fortune to fly with some of the best pilots that Cessna, Hawker Beechcraft, and Bombardier had available to them. It was there I realized that I wanted to teach. Under the mentorship of great pilots I launched the beginnings of my career: teaching several students to fly, as well as teaching Instrument, Commercial, and Instructor Pilot Courses.

After Benton Kansas I moved to Fort Myers Florida where I became the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor at SafeFlight Academy. In 2007 became the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor at New Orleans Flight Academy teaching local as well as Foreign National Students. Late 2007 became a Cirrus Access Pilot and a Certified Cirrus Instructor Pilot delivering a new Cirrus to the South Texas owner. While being a Cirrus Access Pilot continued teaching, providing flight reviews, and Pilot Services in the South Texas area.

I have been a Certified Flight Instructor since 1997. I am not a time builder looking to move on.

Moved to the Fort Worth area in March 2010.

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